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For more details and maps showing exact lay outs of proposed development land click on this link and then click on link for Chapter 5 - Housing options in the coastal towns

30 May 2021

The Old Vicarage,Weech Road: My heart bleeds for those who live near this site. It could have been such an asset to the town and immediate area instead of which it is now, an eyesore of a derelict building. Trouble is, trouble is , it is a listed building and as such it is afforded protection from development. Previous planning applications to develop the site have been stalled by the mere fact ...

28 May 2021

Building on land presently used for agriculture (market gardens, farm land). What with the farming industry being under threat from any future free trade deals with mega farming countries like Australia, N.Z, the US, Argentina and Brazil I can totally understand that farmers are looking for other ways to earn a living. Some might use their land to go into tourism of some kind, others might ...

28 May 2021

See first post and proposal to build homes on land adjacent to the country park. So if this were to happen I'd suggest that the park would need to be renamed as it would no longer be a park in the countryside but more a park surrounded by houses ( a bit like Sandy Lane Playing fields). There is a planning application presently lodged with TDC from Cofton Holiday Park (see ...

On the subject of Teignmouth, and with reference to another thread concerning the number of new homes needing to be built, (see ), whilst it is planned for Dawlish to have another 1000 or so new homes,  in T'mouth the number is but 100.

(I'm sure I'm tempting fate here but...........) anyone have any thoughts on any of the sites mentioned in the first post of this thread? For example: Take Lanherne. The site they have in mind is where the allotments used to be. It is bounded by a cycle/footpath on two sides and the Lanherne (sheltered?) scheme on the other. How will it be accessed? I can only imagine via going through the ...

Funny this should come up on here. I have but only recently been in correspondence with local councillors about this matter. TIC in Dawlish is now shut permanently. Wef December 2020 I believe.  Dawlish Town Council has a Tourism Working Party. Its chair is Cllr Terry Lowther. I gather they are looking at, amongst other things, how to compensate for Dawlish no longer having a TIC.  Suggest ...

@Cassandra : that might well indeed be the case, yes. I was just making the observation that the site is not mentioned as one having been put forward for development according to the newspaper report.

25 May 2021

Note no mention of the Bridge House RCH site.

25 May 2021

This is the thread that contains the information. There was a glitch on this website earlier this morning hence the three headings.

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