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General Discussion

16 May 2020

Well if Dawlish town gets anywhere as busy as Dawlish Warren was yesterday (Friday) afternoon  I'd say the restoration of their normal food chain is imminent.

Doing what you are advised to do is only possible if you can figure out what the advice is that is being given. It's taken almost a week for a fair chunk of the country to figure out what bamboozling Boris was going on about last Sunday. Here is one analysis. "people don’t want to be told that they should take a greater risk of getting ill in order to keep the economy going ...

14 May 2020

Is that a non verbal comment on the state of the blithering buffoon's hair?

14 May 2020

Well, for starters, someone who can communicate without all the bluster and blather. Of the present cabinet, I'd say Rishi Sunak.

14 May 2020

and then of course another difference between the UK and NZ is in the quality of the leadership.  We have bumbling, blustering, Boris. "One critical success factor that is, unfortunately, harder to guarantee is high-quality political leadership. The brilliant, decisive and humane leadership of Ardern was instrumental in New Zealand’s rapid change in direction with its response to Covid-19 ...

14 May 2020

New Zealand locked down early and locked down hard. Plus closed borders. People quarantined. Uk locked down late. Was it a hard lock down? For some no doubt. We were still having planes flying in from heavily infected areas and quarantining (such as it was) stopped weeks back.

14 May 2020

Oh! So bumbling Boris won't be sorting it all out then? Perhaps he could take a leaf out of N. Zealand's approach. Reports saying no new cases there over the past 3 days.

14 May 2020

Anybody else see the pictures of the crowded tube yesterday in London? Bit difficult to keep two metres distant from each other. And there were many it would seem who were not wearing masks. For those of us who are retired being in total or relative isolation (although I wouldn't want to be isolated in a care home right now!) is so much easier than for those who are younger. I cannot begin ...

13 May 2020

Words fail me.

12 May 2020

"prepared for the worst as you did with Brexit". Yeah, my Brexit No Deal toilet roll supply didn't 'alf come in handy a few weeks back when there was that run on the stuff in the supermarkets. And as you've raised the 'B' issue I'll just flag up that a 'No Deal' come the end of this year isn't off the cards. As if this country doesn't already have enough problems

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