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I think our Conservative MP may need to go careful - else she might be accused of Marxist tendencies (see post above dated 27th June from @HuwMatthews2 ). The government has voted down a motion put forward by the Labour Party calling on the Conservatives to extend free school meals over the holidays up to and including the Easter break next year. Five Tories voted with Labour to ...

Well, well, quelle surprise (not!). Historic England are objecting (again.)

20/00019/FAST DAWLISH - 3 Mount Pleasant Road Dawlish Warren Appeal against refusal of planning permission for 19/02486/FUL - Roof extension/conversion including raising of ridge height, hip to gable extensions, dormer windows, single storey extensions, balcony/terraces to rear, reconfiguration of garage and raising of roof and associated works APPEAL DISMISSED – DELEGATED REFUSAL ...

This is on the agenda at the 27th October TDC Planning Committee meeting. Officer recommendation is that permission should be granted.

The future of the rural skip service is an agenda item at Dawlish town council's Civic Amenities Committee meeting being held this coming Weds (21st Oct). Rural Skip Service PDF 126 KB To consider the report and determine the level of service the Council wishes to offer with the decision to be referred to the appropriate committee as required.

15 Oct 2020

I'm sure someone will have to pay for it. I'm not saying they won't. It seems to me that it will be up to individual parish and town councils to decide whether to spend money on providing it (and yes, and before you tell me, I know that's council tax payers money). If you have an issue about this, then as I have suggested above, contacted Cllr Wrigley. In the meantime, and on the subject ...

15 Oct 2020

Advice? Information? Ask Cllr Wrigley - he made the comment.

14 Oct 2020

Well, if those towns and parishes are able to continue the service one way or the other by way of help and assistance given by TDC then the decision won't be meaningless one, will it?

Well - what if, what if, similar responses are forthcoming from the Tory shires? (and I bet they are). I wonder then if those Conservative MPs who represent such constituencies will have the bottle to defy the government? Given the numbers in parliament - it will need Tory MPs, and enough Tory MPs,  to rebel and vote this down. If they don't, then vast swathes of Tory voting land will ...

Just received this confirmation from TDC planning department; "I have recently received confirmation from the case officer that the building heights of the above application are all 2 or 2.5 storeys and that no lifetime home designs were bought to our attention by the developer during the planning process".

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