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Hi BB. I thought that in the case of windowless bathrooms that extractor fans are obligatory. Might be worth checking out? With regard to the pong emanating from the water treatment works along Warren Road - when the options for land put forward for house building were made public last summer one of the sites was Warren Farm (where the car boot and other activities are held). The blurb ...

Planning application approved. (Btw - this bit of land was also submitted to TDC as a possible site for new housing. Outcome of the Local Plan consultation showing what land has been selected for development and what not is scheduled to be made public Jan 2023).

So who's worse then? Boris or Liz?

According to a sign on the site the care home is to be called Claremont Manor and will offer luxury care accommodation. I wonder how much that will cost per week?

Hmmmm.........the financial markets don't seem too impressed, do they? Such a drop in the value of the pound! For those still able to afford a foreign holiday - it will now cost more. All imports (and we import a lot in this country - especially food) - will cost more. As we import petrol and oil - filling up the car will cost even more as well. Oh, and it looks like interest rates ...


Article on BBC Spotlight yesterday about the horrible smell that has emanated from the water treatment works near Dawlish Warren this year. I can personally vouch for the pong as, depending on which way the wind is blowing, I have been able to smell it in my back garden. This smell is nothing new. It has been ponging like this, off and on, for years now. Click on evening news. Item starts ...

Lucky you. If you could tell us how that is, perhaps others might change their minds. Caught a bit of a programme on GBNEWS about the cap being lifted on bankers' bonuses. They had done a quick poll of their audience (don't ask me how or how many people were asked.) The outcome was that only 12% of those polled agreed with this policy. And what I found as interesting was that the presenters ...

23 Sep 2022

Just been watching Vanessa Feltz's programme on Talk TV. Lots of unsolicited phone calls coming in from very disgruntled and worried pensioners asklng how this budget benefits them? The answer it seems is - it doesn't. Does it you?

Walking in the direction of Sainsbury's from the junction of Secmaton Rise and Secmaton Lane there is a large nest of what looks like wasps on the left bank opposite a house called Highlands?/Highfield? Just thought I'd flag this up. If anyone reading this can access Eyes of Dawlish perhaps you would be kind enought to put this info on there as well. Thanks

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