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I have gained the impression since this whole thing kicked off (circa 2014) that the argument for there being a playpark on the lawn is that it would help the those businesses located in the town centre. If that is the case, then although there may be other areas that have plenty of space for a new super douper playpark (eg Sandy Lane playing fields/the Manor area) as neither location is in the ...

30 Aug 2019

There is a full town council meeting next week (4th Sept). On the agenda is an item concerning the playpark. Looks like TDC have put forward alternative proposals and have indicated that a small playpark near the TIC (where the flower bed area is) would not be thought suitable for a variety of reasons. Click on this link to see the report from the lawn working party which is on the agenda for ...

Caught the 2b back to Dawlish from Exeter bus station this afternoon. Journey took about an hour. Quite a few people using it.

Just thought I'd recount this. Was up in London recently and needed to catch a train from where I was staying (one of the outer London boroughs) to London Bridge. Length of journey meant that I would clock up the full maximum charge of £12.00 per day on my Oyster card. Same went for the person I was with. So £24 total expenditure. We are both aged 60 plus (this is relevant). We ...

Tory Leadership Vote
20 Jun 2019

True, it is the Tory members who will select its leader (and therefore our Prime Minister) but they are not representative of the wider electorate who, at some time or the other, will have their say on the matter.

Not from where I'm standing Burneside.  And there are Tories who agree with me. and I think Boris might be a bit difficult to 'sell' in Scotland come the next GE ...

19 Jun 2019

@Burneside rUk = remaining UK after Scotland has become independent and NI becomes part of the RoI. @Paul The EU doesn't do nowt. Amongst other things it negotiates trade deals on behalf of its member countries.

19 Jun 2019

So if American interests are first in any trade deal (understandably from the US's point of view) then it follows that other countries' interests are of secondary importance. The US, having the largest economy, has more clout than the (r)UK. So who will come off best then?

19 Jun 2019

Four more years of America First . Remember that saying when he starts on about fantastic future trade deals with the UK (or rUK as it may turn out to be). Fantastic for which country?

Tory Leadership Vote
19 Jun 2019

What? Even a Corbyn government in the UK? (assuming of course that the UK still exists) So......there are those who dislike the EU as they see it as a communist institution whilst others who dislike it do so because they see it as a bastion of Neo Liberal capitalism. ?????????

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