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See below for the reasons why these three fields were originally dismissed by TDC as not being suitable for development. Has anything changed re the reasons why they should not be developed? Not as far as I am aware. These fields only reappeared as being an option because the landowners and developers with an interest in developing land in Dawlish objected to them being left out given as no land ...

1 Dec 2023

As well as signing the petition you could also make a comment about the need to protect this green space via the latest consultation on the proposed Local Plan. The consultation closes at 5.00pm on 22nd December. Due to the rules of this particular consultation you must start by saying " I support the correction of the settlement limit to the south of Dawlish and rejection of allocating ...

Don't know what it is like town side of the above junction trying to get out of town, but there is a long tailback going further back than the junction with Warren Road by Warren Copse for traffic trying to get into town (or trying to access Henty Ave, Sandy Lane, Elm Grove Road). Just a heads up.

Well that proved quite successful. More meetings planned for the New Year. Tuesday 16th Jan and Tuesday 23rd Jan 2024. 9.45 - 1.00pm. email for more info and/or to register interest

21 Nov 2023

This is the S106 contribution: The s106 contributions will contribute over £1.25 million of benefit to the local area. Some of these contributions include: • £411,702 link road bridge contributions • £257,358 for the Red Rock Community Facilities contribution • £283,200 for SPA and SAC mitigation • £141,600 for local health facilities • £148,386 for creating a new habitat for the Cirl Bunting • ...

21 Nov 2023

@Carer Quite! With regard to health care provision (and early years child facilities) originally the DA2 development area (that’s Gatehouse Farm, through Secmaton Farm, to the Persimmon Development) was scheduled to have , and I quote “a multi-purpose building capable of incorporating health and early years children facilities;” But, but, but, That was subsequently deleted ...

21 Nov 2023

Both applications agreed by TDC planning committee.

Just a reminder.

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