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And still the fact remains that Jeremy Corbyn believes the WASPI women should be recompensed and Boris Johnson does not.

27 Nov 2019

I'd never heard of Liberty Defenders until Leatash posted that link. So for those who might like to know more about them click on this

Climate change Question time - Thursday 5th December, 7pm Coombeshead College Newton Abbot NFU Hustings - Wednesday 4th December, 2:30pm Humber Barn Bishopsteignton, TQ14 9TD

At least he recognises that something should be done. Unlike Boris Johnson.

26 Nov 2019

@Carer For clarity: The WASPI campaign is not about whether the State Pension Age should be the same for both men and women. What the WASPI campaign is about is this: 1. That the women caught up in the raising of the State Pension Age (1950s born women) were not notified at the time that their State Pension Age had been increased.  This happened in 1995 and then again in 2011. and ...

25 Nov 2019

Message for all the millions of 1950s born women in this country, irrespective of creed, colour, religion or anything else. If you have been adversely affected by the raising of the State Pension Age then note that the Conservatives are not interested in doing anything to correct this. Suggest you and your loved ones bear that in mind when you vote.

25 Nov 2019

Well that may be your opinion but I have just done a search using the words Conservative and Islamophobia. Lots of links found concerning this seemingly endemic problem that the Conservative Party has.

25 Nov 2019

Is electing an islamophobic, right wing government that doesn't give a toss (or should that be a spaff?) about WASPI women and many, many ,others, worth it?

25 Nov 2019

Message for all the 6, 700 or so WASPI women who live in the Newton Abbot constituency. The Tories are not interested. Suggest you and your loved ones bear that in mind when you cast your votes.

25 Nov 2019

Magic money trees exist as much as unicorns do.

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