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Earlier this year I think it was, the town council asked for suggestions for where new benches might be sited in the town. I know I suggested (and I don't think I was the only one) that a bench should be sited on the higher part of Sandy Lane Playing Fields so to enjoy the lovely view. Pleased to say that one appeared some weeks back and this afternoon I took advantage of it and plonked me ...

Hope you have now settled in to your new abode @Brooklyn Bridge . Newhay up for sale? If it's old news then I haven't heard it. Perhaps someone with contacts at St. Gregs could pose the question and let us know the answer? and on the matter of new benches being installed......see my new thread concerning Sandy Lane Playing Fields.

Cllr John Petherick called for deferment of decision to allow a site visit to take place. This was Agreed (10 in favour, 1 against).

Cllr Martin Wrigley spoke in favour. Cllr John Petherick  spoke against and suggested the decision be deferred to allow a site meeting to take place. This was Agreed (7 votes for, 3 against).

South West Water  have no objections to the planning application. Notices now on site stating that Taylor Wimpey and Bloor Homes have acquired the land.

DAWLISH WARREN CAR BOOT SALE This year we have made the decision to run Dawlish Warren on a Wednesday afternoon. STARTING WEDNESDAY 1ST JUNE!! 1pm - 4pm (sellers from/ no earlier than 11am) EVERY WEDNESDAY through the summer months!!

A recently established Strategic Regeneration Board is seeking two members of the public to join its wider membership to help develop regeneration projects and ideas within the Parish of Dawlish. If you'd like to put your name forward, please email by Friday, 27 May 2022 whereby two names will be chosen at random.

Click on this link and you should be able to see the flood risk in the Secmaton/Langdon/Shutterton areas and down to Dawlish Warren. and also this link (and then click on Dawlish Warren) to see the DW Critical Drainage Area ;

This application will be considered at the TDC planning committee meeting being held on Tuesday 17th May. Officer recommendation is for approval. District councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor. Dawlish Town Council have requested that this application is referred to the Planning Committee for determination if the case officer is recommending the application for ...

This planning app is on the agenda at TDC Planning Committee meeting due to be held Tuesday 17th May. Officer recommendation is for approval. Ward councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor.

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