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if our so called friends and partners take this stance so be it Time to stop being mealy mouthed about it and take the gloves off.

10 Mar 2018

If ever there was a cake and eat it situation is the anti UK stance by  Mr tusk the ex Polish Prime Minister. Should the UK bolster his country with a thousand of our troops?.Personally I think not. Maybe they should ask Germany or even Russia.They both know their way around. So we should always remember and never forget those other 26 snotty little countries that are in the E.U. siding ...

Sadiq Khan is always talking Great Britain down, Is probably the worse mayor in the country Best to keep other opinions about him off this site (freedom of speech and all that). Lynne I do hope beyond hope the E.U cannot stop Brexit but those in charge will do anthing and i mean anything to scupper negotiations because too much money involved.

Could it be hollow talk ,not so sure. if they do take the inland route instead of the present it could happen that the railway line could be abandoned to nature. Will they keep repairing this line every two or three years, it won't make sense unless the answer is very drastic.

How can the government consider HS2 as a priority, when nothing has been done to prevent rail travel in Devon and Cornwall. I would think it's importance for supplies to the Navy in Plymouth alone would be a major concern.

Is the fact that British industry is so opposed to Brexit is because the Billions of pounds we the tax payer has to pay to Europe for tariff free access is to subsidizing their business. Whilst on here the EU are using the Irsh border as a means of halting Brexit. The next thing will be Gibraltar.

First is that he's not English and secondly and even more important (if there could be one) He wasn't our War time leader Thank F---

5 Feb 2018

We used to worship life.They worship death . enough said.

Had 3 calls in one morning from so say talk talk. So asked if the person would like to come onto my computer to sort out the problem.No other way to put it but the thick twat was told to f--- off.End of call.