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Dawlish News

I thought they are considering opening up the inland  route to Plymouth and trust of our Prime Minister?

Teignbridge DCC gone mobile pity thought you meant they had Bu--ered Off.

Maybe its an issue that a rates review should be considered for Dawlish

5 Nov 2013

Can I thank the Teignbridge, DCC for the discussions that took place with the people of Dawlish with our having such illustrious neighbours. Democracy at Work.

Needs more money throwing at it.The whole system is a bloody mess.

Will fit in the community very well indeed possible future M.P.material.

Hi Fred Do you mean the seagulls or the RSPCA.Seagulls not at moment. The RSPCA just don't donate. Must dash crap on car AGAIN.

6 May 2013

I'm sure the fire service must be aware of any situation but as far as the RSPCA are concerned they can't see any farther than a seagulls arse.

6 May 2013

Just suppose a house fire occurs with lives in danger whilst our firemen and the engine is rescueing a bloody seagull for the RSPCA. Do they ever think?

6 May 2013

Here I go again just suppose fireman got injured or killed in this rescue what price the compensation to him or his family and who would pay? If I was a fireman I would refuse the task or put the liability for injuries etc with the RSPCA. Better stop otherwise my comments could get me barred

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