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We joined a Common Market.Not a United States of Europe  We were told Lies and led  by  Utter Treachery. Ted Heath

21 Jul 2018

The Uk took a democratic vote. It was Leave .Get over it. Just for the record.I was not happy with the findings of the Chilcot   and Hutton Enquiries both involving that great damocratic leader Tony Blair. Maybe as he would like another referendum, maybe both these enquiries should be reopened. Due to the fact that in both cases they  did not end up with results I had hoped for .

21 Jul 2018

hi lynne the people you mention are not subject to EU Tariffs or are they ?But goods are. If the E.U . are trying to muddy yhe waters over Brexit next they would try Gibraltar or bases in Malta Or Cyprus. If Only Adolf Hitler had thought up a E.U. instead of of touring Poland etc.

21 Jul 2018

just don't deal or purchase anything from the South of Ireland  Simple.

you can object to this application should you wish until 2nd of August by letter or e- mail

12 Jul 2018

I suspect the applicants will hope to make money at the expense of nearby locals.

it seems to me that considering half the population are obese problem solved. Jobs a goodun.

9 Jul 2018

Lynne that makes a bloody change.

9 Jul 2018

food rotting so what, if it rots for us it will rot for them.

9 Jul 2018

Have I missed a page or have the E.U. sent out the U Boat Packs?

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