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They're right about the slow broadband speed though, also the water rates.

@Dawlish transplant I had heard this as well. It is known by the police who the owner and the dog are and some action needs to be taken otherwise the same thing will happen again, possibly involving a child next time.

So much for the pledge never to close the last bank in town. The concept of service to the public is totally alien to banks now. Even service to other businesses has gone down the toilet. All they think about is ways to save money and pay vast bonuses to themselves.

Well, I saw a man who let his dog poo by the side of the path in the Manor and it was a big one (both poo and dog). I remonstrated with him and told him he could face a fine but he just looked blank and I don't think he really thought there was any problem. A child running along by the side of that footpath could easily step in it, plus anyone else. When you can't get through to people, what do ...

Best get down there then and start building a bunker underneath

I trust that the owners of the dogs concerned will be prosecuted for having a dog that’s out of control - after all, if it can attack a swan, it can attack a child. They should also be fined heavily and the money used to purchase replacements. There is also a case to be made for them being banned from ever owning another animal of any kind.

This could be connected to the previous post, or at least, similar behaviour. I hope your mum gets them back soon @Happyharvey49 .

Coryton cove
1 Mar 2018

Who is responsible for making the decision that all the waste from Exmouth dock is dumped over on this side of the estuary?

Will the council also ensure that they don't get their business burnt to the ground?

Not a smidgen, have relations in Ammanford though and it looks like they've had a pretty big scare