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I'm always in Dawlish and know how many people use the buses.

21 Feb 2015

Either they are 'full' or 'empty' lol.. Clearly Dawlish does not want buses in the evening,..point taken.

21 Feb 2015

Service 2 Exeter - Dawlish - Newton is a 'commercial' service and not supported by DCC (taxes). Stagecoach choose to run an hourly service in the evening into Dawlish until Midnight. last arrives at 0021. In the days of Nationalised NBC in the 70s the services would certainly be discontinued. As the lack of passenger use/need has been highlighted, maybe Stagecoach will consider withdrawal of ...

21 Feb 2015

£2.70 return to Exeter with a rail card. After 7pm you can get a £2.80 ticket on the bus unlimited travel anywhere on Stagecoach.

'Christian'  er non-denominational ...hang if that makes sense lol.

I really like the B service always on time starting from Dawlish and straight into the High Street BHS in 45 minutes but yes the number of people that use it are poor. On average about 5-10 at most on the Dawlish side of Exminster..  So can see why they want to dump it.  It is a shame it takes so long for people to realise new services are avaialble...then it's too late. Of course I ...

Even with the most modern up to date trains you will never zap through Dawlish with sharp bends at speeds of 125mph!!!!! ....If they could, I wouldnt fancy it with waves crashing on the trains! So you cant compare with other parts of the country.. First Great Western need to get the trains like Southern have ..they quietly slide out the stations..

Clockface services work best, people know exactly when to expect a service. Schedules would suit with a 20 minute or so break at Plymouth..

1 Feb 2015

Yes agree Clive. Clockwise and anti clockwsie ..Dawlish would be served in both directions. This would provide a half hourly service with the existing Paignton - Exmouth journeys. Journey time Plym -Plym about 2hr 40..

31 Jan 2015

Well Tavistock is already planned to rejoin the network way before the Dawlish issue. So just the bit in the middle to put back, viaducts are still in place. The Barnstaple line once under threat, now hourly, is doing better than ever...the new line would bring a good boost to North Cornwall and people from Tavistock and Oke could get to Exeter and even Dawlish! Whetever they say or dont ...