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Tony Blair is back will it be a sure win now?

4 Apr 2015

Roberta do you not keep harping on about Thatcher? in your words............ 'stop livingin the past get with now and the future'

3 Apr 2015

Gordon Brown has a lot to answer for. Finance markets have got the jitters, the boat is already rocking for fear Labour that their 'spend spend and tax everyone' philospthy may be on it's way back again!   .

31 Mar 2015

Ed maybe the leader of Labour but nowhere near a leader compared to Tony Blair, I agrre User he should give the country a referendum...but hey that decision maybe his downfall. Guess we could have five years of Labour 'spend spend', giveaways through high taxes on wages as long as the Tories are prepared to put it all straight again in 2020!

Well she has given Labour a chance to drum up a few votes by being away...she's not seen as being desperate.

If you didn't see the Sunday this for a clear account of how Labour will fund their planned spend....

30 Mar 2015

Hit 15% in 1976 Labour, befiore Thatcher, then went up and down with both until its now NIL.

30 Mar 2015

I am sure Labour followers are expecting interest rates to go back up to double figures again where they used to be, petrol going up, higher tax on your wages. On the Sunday Politics Labour could not give any figures. At least Labour have admitted they will make cuts and have to put tax up to pay for it. Hey ho so it's Labour to win then! .

30 Mar 2015

Someone will be writing one for Ed ..with... 'hell yes' in it.  He has warned us!

As I have said so many people seem to be unable to be pleasant to each other .. I would remove the discussion page here and leave all the 'bickering' to Facebook.