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You just tell gent 1% is what you want for selling....or find someone that will accept that, you will find plenty of agents sell at 0.90.  The 2.50% is normal for multi agent rate.

3 Aug 2018

Not long ago people were complaining about high house prices ..can't please ya!

They are little odd in Totnes!  ..people still cant accept the result.

Rail line had to be closed day someone will dream up an idea of running a line from Plymouth - Okehampton- Exeter.

see no point in a shop..when everyone seems attached to their mobile and buying from Amazon.  Coffee shops is only think people want.

It has to avoid Dawlish you cant keep chucking money at it ...needs to be a reliable line at the moment it is not..  this weekend is the last straw for many..

Build a wall call Trump!

Brexit means Brexit ..anyone who loves EU go live there!

Line needs to be kept away from the sea..becoming impossible, sea always wins. line needs to end at Dawlish Warren for Dawlish just local trains, .divert the mainline inland from Exminster-Newton.  Jusr run a branch from Newton to serve Teignmouth.. offer line to someone wants to take it on as a tourist attracrtion to Dawlish. but it cant be reliable all year round service as today proves.

Only the UK could 'celebrate' an event that failed  ..any excuse. Waste of money...but then people have plenty, thanks to a Tory government. (that should wake Roberta up loll)