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Well for a start we dont have an underground system yet in Dawlish to benefit from that too.. .is enough drama about the new relief line..which if locals have their way will never happen. The concession is only limted to a minimum of rail lines within the Lomdon Zone...and costs would be built into Council Tax there is not many band B and C up there lol The deal is probably to try and ...

I see no secret to 'whats on' at Topsham Carnival ...very sensible. Do you think Dawlish will always have this 'secret' Carnival programme malarky! ?

21 Aug 2014

This could only happen in Dawlish. Local radio are not allowed to say whats crazy it is. If I were to stick a programme for all to see on a post in my garden would that get the law invoilved. You couldnt write it....BBC Spotlight will be interested in this crazy story. Well clearly people are not encouraged or wanted to come to the town ...plenty of other good places to go.

I'd say the forum is bored stupid of this constant rant ..lack of posts prove that.

18 Aug 2014

This is becoming annoying, repetitive and a big yawn. If you dont like good old UK.....then move out. How about Russia, thats a lovely Socialist country for you.. Interesting that so many want to make their way to our shores, so it cant be that bad dont see many people smuggled in trucks going towards the East do you.

Sounds to me you want 'everyone' to stay on the bottom of the ladder and not want them to better themselves unless you thrive on 'envy'. and guess you dont like people like Sir Alan Sugar..Richard Branson etc .who started at the bottom and were inspired to get ahead and in turn create jobs for people

14 Aug 2014

Bob Crow did very well for himself as Burnside points out, Not bad hey £140,000 wage and in a Council house and holidaying on the beach abroad whilst telling his troops to go on strike lol. Warrior you are banging your head against a brickwall people are more educated now in 2014 than in Labour Socialism days. The majority of people dont want to go back to days when the government tell you what ...

Still think ...flower beds better, a lot cheaper and would look good with the lawn.

Some latest news Warrior you won't be too happy about <

13 Aug 2014

If you bring utiltities back you HAVE to pay whatever they want for electric. My power supplier. was too expensive and poor service I moved and pay far less now. Aa I say Socialism is not about choices.

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