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Corbyn wins
16 Sep 2015

here is the answer ...may not be there!

16 Sep 2015

It is difficult to believe that anyone would want to support let alone associate with the man.

15 Sep 2015

I am pleased JC got voted leader lol

15 Sep 2015

Now JC does not want to wear the red poppy...does he need to be told it represnts Flanders and the poppies and those that lost life there.  I cant believe anyone likes the man. Andy Burnham at least looks like a leader that could represemt the country.

12 Sep 2015

Agree Leatash. Clearly it is now a party for the uneducated and scruffs. He doesnt exactly look someone you would want to represent this country. You have to ask why did Sir Alan Sugar resign his life time Labour membership too.

Always thought a good ferry in high season going Exmouth - Dawlish - Torquay would do well..bring people to the town and offer a service to and from Exmouth/Torquay...

What they should have done.. just put a few items to sell in the shop, anything, to keep it as retail and a notice in the window call in here if you want a taxi. Simple.

Anti-Austerity March
21 Jun 2015

Labour party is history thank goodness.. people are more educated in 2015 than in the dark ages of the 1970s. The people decided...

Coryton Cove
19 Jun 2015

Agree. Cant believe they all sit on the beach glued to their phone....sad or what!! ..nobody talks to each other anymore on trains and anywhere you go.

IDS at it again
1 Jun 2015

So are you saying a family with say 10 kids should receive benefits even if they have a high income?. A woman on the radio was saying she is planning on having a child every year and that way she will never need to work...she has 7 so far, shes better off with all the various benefits and let everyone work to pay for her family is her view. Guess people dont mind paying out of their wages for ...

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