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Down valuation
4 Aug 2018

Bradleys coudnt find my house in Dawlish to value wonder they have gone! I used an Exeter agent for 1% and it was listed on 'Right move' and the deal was that i would do the viewings, save them coming out. ...i didnt want an agent simply saying 'this is the ktchen' etc lol .. Sold it in a week.

3 Aug 2018

You just tell gent 1% is what you want for selling....or find someone that will accept that, you will find plenty of agents sell at 0.90.  The 2.50% is normal for multi agent rate.

3 Aug 2018

Not long ago people were complaining about high house prices ..can't please ya!

They are little odd in Totnes!  ..people still cant accept the result.

see no point in a shop..when everyone seems attached to their mobile and buying from Amazon.  Coffee shops is only think people want.

Brexit means Brexit ..anyone who loves EU go live there!

5 Nov 2015

Only the UK could 'celebrate' an event that failed  ..any excuse. Waste of money...but then people have plenty, thanks to a Tory government. (that should wake Roberta up loll)

Corbyn wins
16 Sep 2015

..well if you will take the lock off your front door I will too lol

16 Sep 2015


16 Sep 2015

So if he had been around in the 1940's ..this country would have not gone to war right? I see he wants to do away with the British Army ...

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