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Dawlish Gazette
18 Jan 2013

I am thinking of two recent examples that have irritated me. I was in a manically cynical mood yesterday and, as I don't generally believe anything simply because it is in the media, perhaps it was unnecessary and pointless to single out the Gazette. The immediate trigger was the post "One of the First Carbon Neutral Campsites in South West." The previous was the unquestioning ...

16 Jan 2013

Does the Dawlish Gazette investigate any of the reports that are fed to it by local councils, the police, etc.? Indeed, is it any more than a local notice board in which nothing can be trusted but the date? It would not be a problem, were it not for people believing what they read in the paper. It appears that some people still do.

Tree trunks
16 Jan 2013

@Philip Try a search on "Big Yellow Taxi."

The great advantage of having an appointed FOI Officer is that it is like having a Quality Manager, a Health and Safety Officer or a ( fill in your own favourite ) It enables everyone else to avoid answering the questions that they do not want to answer. It is a splendid delaying tactic and any follow-up questions can be subject to similar delay It works in situations where you ...

Tree trunks
16 Jan 2013

My  source on the council tells that they have taken them, "To put them in a tree museum." No prizes for guessing how much it will cost just to see 'em.

16 Jan 2013

Apart from the little old lady who swallowed a fly, I can't see anyone having a problem with horse (unless it is supposed to be beef.) My answer to supermarkets is to use my local butchers and fruit and veg. shops (I am hoarse with saying it.)

16 Jan 2013

The fact that the majority both of burger and beef meal products contained pork DNA might be of concern to a lot of people. It would be surprising if the meat plants named are unusual. Professor Reilly said, "Whilst, there is a plausible explanation for the presence of pig DNA in these products due to the fact that meat from different animals is processed in the same meat plants...." and ...

@stephen15 Allowing webmaster to check from his side, there are various other possibilities that relate to your own pc. How long have you been using ie9? Have you been using it for some time and it has only recently started freezing? Disabling add-ons in ie9 might help. Have you run a malware scan? I suggest running ...

10 Jan 2013

A lot of trees spend a great deal longer dying than we do living.

9 Jan 2013

It is only about 15 months ago that they were deemed healthy. Dawlish Gazette, 21st September 2011: " The arboricultural survey of trees on The Lawn concluded most were in good health with a life expectancy of between 20 and 60 years. But expert Robert Bendyshe advised that any underground work beneath the tree canopy would result in premature death of the trees. Plans for The ...

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