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Runella's Posts

As much as I am saddened about the loss of the swans, I am happy that for once dogs have not been blamed for the loss, although no doubt there will be a u-turn in the next week!

I now know she was called Shelley Lewis and I think she lives in Exminster. Anyone know how to get hold of her???

5 Nov 2010

Can anyone remember who the lady was singing in the beer tent at this years carnival. She was brilliant and I would like to try and get hold of her for a function. She seemed to know alot of the locals and the bar staff so I am hoping someone remembers her and can help. Many thanks

Charlotte in Cutting Edge

12 Dec 2008

I believe co-op actually own the building that woolworths are in, so they are the most likely to do something with it.........

Roy You're not a very nice person are you........ If all you have to say is unplesent comments then maybe you should keep them to yourself. Loosing something that is close to you is upsetting enough without people like you making comments like you did........

24 Oct 2008

Hi All Unfortunately no-one appears to have heard anything about what happened to my cat. Sadly he had to be put down on Tuesday.........

10 Oct 2008

Hi All Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to my cat on Wednesday. Somehow his tail has been pulled or trapped which has ripped it out of the socket pulling the bone back by about an inch. This has taken his bladder with it and unless his bladder starts working again he will have to be put down. He spends most of his days in the manor gardens. He is a big cat, mostly white with a grey ...

You see Viaduct you just cannot help yourself can you. You feel the need to belittle and jibe at people the whole time. I watch very little television as it happens as I have 2 jobs and do not have much time for such things. I have joined in many postings in the last few years but like yourself haven't always posted under the same name. As always though you have made derogatory comments about ...

11 Sep 2008

I think most people like myself who used to post a fair bit got fed up with the moaning and sniping of a select few. Postings were getting taken over by these people and it always just ended up in a slanging match. Alot have lost interest because of it!!!!!