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General Discussion

Most people know very little about the 5,000-strong Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community in Devon. In fact you might be surprised to hear that the majority now live in houses rather than caravans. Read more...

Litter Picking
30 Jul 2022

36kg of rubbish collected from round Dawlish today by volunteer litterpickers … just wanted to thank them and to warn people that a lot of broken glass was found in the Newhay and Newlands playpark. (If you fancy joining up its 10am at The Manor carpark every last Saturday of the month for Dawlish Against Plastic, everything provided).

Bin tax
22 Jul 2022

I pay for my garden waste collection I am retired and have reported on many occaision to a neighbour  who is a business man and just put alll his garden waste in the black bin

David Force
19 Jul 2022

New group of Travellers descend on Dawlish sports field

Dawlish Celebrates
16 Jul 2022

What's on this Sunday 17th July in Dawlish? Refreshments by Dawlish Women's Institute. Do wear cool clothing and have your sun hats ready judging by the forecast. All vehicles in the display have been pre-registered and we currently have a long waiting list.

As we head into the hot weather over the weekend, please don’t leave your furry friend in your car. Dogs overheat really quickly - even with a window open and access to water. If you come across a dog in distress call 999. Visit the RSPCA site for more info

Dawlish Town Council
16 Jul 2022

During this very hot and dry spell it is not only humans who are suffering Birds and hedgehogs, among other wildlife, are having great difficulty in finding food, and more particularly water. Most of us are ensuring that there is a suitable water supply for the birds but please consider placing a shallow dish each evening for the hedgehogs. The volunteers who look after the Memorial Garden (which ...

Dawlish Against Plastic group members did not want to see this regular litter picking activity disappear from the Dawlish calendar so we worked with Open Daw and Dawlish Town Council to transfer the responsibility for the litter pick to Dawlish Against Plastic. Read more... ...

David Force
15 Jul 2022

More have now moved in. Someone just told me they have to go by Monday!!

13 Jul 2022

Travellers have invaded the playing fields at Sandy Lane and are causing mayhem - breaking fences etc. Does anyone have a slurry sprayer locally? It could be useful. It appears the police can do nothing. Jason Jeffery is this a job for the cavalry??

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