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General Discussion

2016 take a look
18 Aug 2015

The new All you can eat Diner will be closed until futher notice due to a fire thismorning.

@OurSoul . i was told the 15th. be interesting to see who will be opening it.

9 Aug 2015

The steps are now in place. Just been told the sea wall officially opens on 15th August.

OK you can now go to the link i posted on August 1st and get the full list of carnival week events.

5 Aug 2015

Please ignore my last post. The 8 day events on the carnival website have now been taken off and they have chosen to put them on from 9am on the day. If you want to plan your week you will have to purchase a programme price £2

Lawn Drinks Ban
5 Aug 2015

The public can have their say tonight 7pm at the Manor House.

Dawlish Royalty
4 Aug 2015

OurSoul, No i don't know if anyone else would be insured to drive the float. Lets hope it's sorted before the carnival and Dave will beable to drive if not i hope they will ask for help!

4 Aug 2015

They haven't been able to use the float because of Dave's hip dislocation! They had a 2nd at Teignmouth carnvial, 1st at Chudleigh and 1st at Newton Abbot. I wonder which section they entered under as it couldn't have been the visiting Queens float?

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