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From last weeks Dawlish Gazette:" Killer to be held indefinitely at Langdon" A freed killer who was receiving treatment in the community in Exeter risked the lives of shoppers by starting a fire at the Debenhams store in Princesshay. He had a ten-year-long history of offending and was jailed for 42 months in 2007 for manslaughter after he injected a fellow heroin user with a fatal dose. ...

Will be at the Barton Car Park Saturday 21st November 9.30am - 15.30pm See more...

Yes Lynne.

15 Nov 2015

I thought these had already been let.

Ok sorry, sure the link was posted, seems to have disappeard.

10 Nov 2015

Devon and Cornwall Police have received reports relating to a professionally run national scam. This has led to many vulnerable people, who are often elderly

Hopefully these signs with help people to understand how to behave! See more pics:

Barton Surgery
4 Nov 2015

Barton Surgery will be closed today and tomorrow due to facilitate the installation of a new computer system. If you are in need of a doctor in an emergency phone 111.

Is this a good idea?

@flo i know what you mean my dog is deaf and getting old and when she is having a quiet sniff and a dog comes bounding up to her and she tells them off i get the same reaction. i had a disagreement with a young woman the other day, she was sat in her car while her dog had a run around the field and did it's business i approached her and she was realy rude saying 'you must be mistaking love i have ...

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