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07 Sep 2021 10:05
Trampolining Tuesday & Supervised Junior Gym %u2B07%uFE0F%u2B07%uFE0F%u2B07%uFE0F
%uD83E%uDD47 Tots Bounce Trampolining
Tots Bounce sessions will give your children the chance to discover the fun of trampolining. They will jump on a full-size trampoline, play games and learn new skills. All children must always have an adult with them during the sessions; this is to help to keep your child safe.
4-4.30pm and 4.30-5pm.
For ages 3-4 years old.
%uD83C%uDFC5 Beginners Trampolining
Jumping on trampolines is tons of fun! During our sessions, we will work on basic trampolining skills. These sessions are for beginners and will teach your child how to bounce safely. We will also work on conditioning, strength and flexibility to help your child to succeed.
5-6pm for 5-8 year olds
6-7pm for 9-15 year olds.
%uD83C%uDFCB%uFE0F%u200D%u2642%uFE0F Supervised Junior Gym
Our friendly and experienced gym instructors will be on hand to induct, guide and develop your child’s programme to ensure they get the most out of their workout. Junior Gyms are supervised sessions that run throughout all of our gyms and encourage confidence and independence in developing a healthy and active lifestyle.
4.15pm - 5.15pm.
For ages 11-13 year olds.
Go all-inclusive with a Jam Packed Junior Membership.
As an all-inclusive Junior Member, your child will benefit from the following:
%uD83D%uDCCCSupervised Junior Gym Sessions.
%uD83D%uDCCCJunior exercise classes.
%uD83D%uDCCCSwimming Lessons.
%uD83D%uDCCCPublic swimming, including fun swims.
%uD83D%uDCCCUse of squash, badminton and table tennis courts.
%uD83D%uDCCCDiscount on holiday and sports activities.
%uD83D%uDCCCEntry to Shaldon Approach Golf.
%uD83D%uDCCCFive day booking privileges.
Join us and become a junior member.

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