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General Discussion

Over the years unfortunatley the Hedley way centre has been a target of vandalisim from exterior brick windows being smashed to serious damage done to the roof resulting in the roof leaking into main hall.

Crossing Lights
11 Feb 2016

I have just driven to Teignmouth and noticed the pedestrian crossing lights at the bottom of Teignmouth Hill have been removed.

Sandy Lane
1 Feb 2016

Sandy Lane is now open. The only sign there now is no road markings.

Brunel Park will close after this season after more than 50 years. The owners say the carriages are beyond economical repair. Wonder if anyone will come forward with an interest in keeping the site going? More pics...

Sandy Lane
25 Jan 2016

This has now been changed to February 1st for 7 days.

A gentleman received a phone call from what the caller said was from the Call Prevention Service. The caller ID on the potential victim’s phone showed a number of 02077304761. The caller said his name was Neil Thomas from the CPS and gave a contact number of 03302233908. The caller Neil Thomas said he was calling people in the TQ14 postcode area to stop cold calls and silent calls. (The gentleman ...

The supermarket said its Just Cook Chicken Breasts with Piri Piri sauce carries Chicken and Bacon Lattice instead - which also has milk and wheat in the ingredients. The pork, milk and wheat were not mentioned on the label. Read more...

Sandy Lane
20 Jan 2016

This may cause a few problems!

Train Cancelled
20 Jan 2016

If travelling by train thismorning check it's still running, the train to Torquay (8.10am) has been cancelled.

More pics:

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