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General Discussion

A lot of clearing work going on around the football pitch. Just wondered what this was used for?

Maybe the one wearing lipstick is female!

16 Jul 2019

Any clues?

16 Jul 2019

The first round of consultation finishes today on our plans to protect the section of railway between Parson's Tunnel and Teignmouth. Read more...

@Lindaanne Not sure what number it was but it was just past the Manor House next to the toilets (which are no longer there) and down the bottom of a pathway before the first house.

22 Jun 2019

I remeber a Reg Penaligon from about 60years ago he used to repair bicycles, he had a workshop in Old Towm Street.

Exeter Road flooded
9 Jun 2019

Piper Bill
6 Jun 2019

Meeting 'mad bastard' Bill Millin, who played the pipes while the D-Day bullets flew around him

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