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Merry Christmas. Eat, drink and drink some more.

22 Dec 2010

The Localism Bill was introduced to House of Commons on 13 December 2010. The Bill is seen as integral to the Coalition’s “localism” and “Big Society” agendas. It sets out measures to devolve more powers to councils and neighbourhoods and also to enable local communities to have greater control over local decisions like planning. The Bill consists of 405 pages, 208 clauses and 24 schedules and ...

Well you are all wrong as it is going to be a mosque.

21 Dec 2010

Localism bill - good idea or just passing the buck?

Well either the damage is somewhere between Holcombe and Teignmouth or the guard was mistaken.

20 Dec 2010

Trains are still traveling along the sea. Does anyone know the extent of the damage?

Street Lights
10 Dec 2010

Street lights off - good idea?

Penalty Fares
9 Dec 2010

Has anyone been hit with a penalty fare on the trains? Dawlish train station ticket office is often closed and the self service machine doesn't work at times, therefore the train company cannot impose a penalty fare. Also do the train companies pay the passengers when the trains are late or cancelled! I'd like £20 everytime my train is cancelled or the train is too packed to get on. Personally ...

Has anyone had pushy, annoying salespeople from Talk-Talk knock on their door? I had one knock on my door on Sunday evening and it was difficult to get rid of him. He started out by saying I had to tell him who my current broadband provider was and how much I was paying. He keep saying 'so you would rather stay with BT than change to Talk-Talk and pay less'. I had to tell him 5 times I wasn't ...

Boat House
31 Oct 2010

Anyone know the Boat House got planning permission?