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007's Posts

It obviously would be nice to have more than one supermarket as we could choose where to shop. People that want to shop in town can, people that want to shop at a supermarket can. What have the little shops got to do with this?

Town Council
17 Feb 2011

We currently have too many layers of governance. Westminster South West Regional Assembly Devon County Council Teignbridge District Council Dawlish Town Council Town Wards This is definitely a waste of time and money, the system needs restructuring.

17 Feb 2011

What about having just one Dawlish representative (who could have a personal assistant) at Teignbridge District Council. Thus doing away with town councils altogether.

16 Feb 2011

After reading some threads on this forum I have come to the conclusion that the town council is utterly useless. We'd be better off without their 'help'

Tesco's Appeal
16 Feb 2011

Sainsbury's and a Tesco that would be brilliant, cheap prices and more choice. I hope they get planning permission.

The Strand
16 Feb 2011

Pedestrianising The Strand is a great idea. Knock down the wall between the strand or at least have more / bigger gaps to allow easier access. Also cafes could have outside chairs and tables. Just like St Mark's Square, Venice. How nice that would be in the summer.

The Lansdowne and the White Hart are also for sale. The Anchor at Cockwood is closing. Not surpirsing as most pubs are empty most of the time. Simply supply and demand.

Road Potholes
14 Feb 2011

Since the big freeze caused many roads to pothole, have you seen anyone carrying out repairs?

14 Feb 2011

Has anyone else noticed that the trains are not being cleaned now? The train I was on this morning (which broke down incidentally) stank like an old damp disused property. I'm not sure I should buy a season ticket anymore.

Railway Signal Box
10 Feb 2011

It is an eyesore and takes up several places in the car park. Yeah, knock it down.