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007's Posts

Does anyone know what all the colourful markings on the ground along The Strand are for?

2 Mar 2012

The lansdowne quite often has gigs on Fridays or Saturdays.

I'm not saying that sea levels are rising or that sea levels are not rising. I'm saying that it is more likely that the moon is made of cheese, than any tunnel being constructed.

1 Mar 2012

Labour MP Alison Seabeck should deal with real issues, rather than talking about something that we all know won't happen. Complete waste of time.

17 Feb 2012

Use outdoor heaters like the Brunswick Arms does.

Yep, seconded, very good photographs.

17 Feb 2012

During the summer the cafes on the strand could have tables and chairs outside. Dawlish is a very nice place live, if more houses are built (which is a good thing) more people can enjoy living here.

17 Feb 2012

I don’t see how wanting more big stores is not regeneration. What I would like to see and I know of many others that think the same, is to pedestrianise the whole strand, knock down the lawn wall and landscape the strand and lawn together. Then outside the town near Sainsbury build a retail park to attract big name stores to Dawlish, such as Tesco Marks & Spencer MacDonald’s KFC ...

16 Feb 2012

Well the planners were wrong to block the Tesco plan.

16 Feb 2012

Brazilnut, I and many others want another store as Sainsbury's is too busy on the weekend and you have mentioned yourself about the demand on shops during the holiday season. Therefore Dawlish should have at least a Sainsbury's, a Tesco, and a Lidi store. Just because you don't want that, doesn't mean it should not or will not happen. If someone disagrees with your very narrowminded views you ...