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Continuation of Major development in Dawlish means Sandy lane to take brunt of Construction traffic - Part 1

@Barbarawils68 , you need to enable messaging in your user settings.

Happy New Year
30 Dec 2015

Thanks @Brooklyn Bridge , and a happy New Year to you and everyone else.

Merry Christmas
24 Dec 2015

and a happy new year to users and everyone else!

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Continuation of

@ZIGGY , Apologies, for removing the link but it doesn't work for everyone. Admittedly, one would have expected such a web page to be public, but clearly it isn't.

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Continuation of

@OurSoul , taking screen grabs of someone else's website and publishing them without their consent is highly likely a breach of their copyright, unless you could argue fair usage. It would be no different to photocopying a train timetable and publishing that, which was established previously to be a breach of copyright. @roberta is correct in what she says about the issue.

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