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General Discussion

Website Update
26 Nov 2018

The site has been updated and moved to a new server so you may have to sign in again. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please note, you only need to sign in, not sign up!

I think it is mainly aimed at creative content, such as music, rather than informational content, so hopefully it won't affect this site. "The final version clarifies that this will not include the sharing of hyperlinks to content such as news stories."

the snooky fest
6 Sep 2018

@HuwMathews2, I too am not sure either. Diana Mond was the first and then others joined in so it looks. But please everyone, stop the personal attacks. If someone is trolling or being abusive, report it or contact me by email (faster) which is also now here -

5 Sep 2018

@elvis presley , yes you are right. I've banned the Diana Mond again. Diana Mond's attack on @Mobeen Dabigman is just not acceptable. I get the impression that the user behind Diana Mond is trying to put off new users and get rid of existing ones.

3 Sep 2018

@Mobeen Dabigman welcome to, and please don't pay too much attention to @Diana Mond . @Diana Mond , please stop trolling users.

In order to stop the bickering, anyone posting personal attacks from now will have their account suspended, so please let's stop it.

18 Aug 2018

Thread closed due to too many personal attacks. Please start a new thread to discuss any of the issues raised here.

17 Aug 2018

Please can I remind members to refrain from the personal attacks and insults?

17 Aug 2018

@S , I think the comments could be construed as offensive and so you could be right. I would add that it's not just the forum terms that matter, there is also the racial and religious hatred act 2006 everyone needs to be mindful of when posting.

10 Aug 2018

Title changed to burkagate.

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