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General Discussion

17 Aug 2018

Please can I remind members to refrain from the personal attacks and insults?

17 Aug 2018

@S , I think the comments could be construed as offensive and so you could be right. I would add that it's not just the forum terms that matter, there is also the racial and religious hatred act 2006 everyone needs to be mindful of when posting.

10 Aug 2018

Title changed to burkagate.

9 Aug 2018

Can we think of a different title for the thread? I think it is OK to discuss news topics and express views, but I did feel a bit uncomfortable with the title and first post when I first saw this thread.

Hi, it's now fixed. You may need to press CTRL-F5 to reload the change.

4 Jul 2018

I see what you mean. Looking into it now ...

@Brooklyn Bridge , sorry for not getting back sooner. If you or anyone else ever needs to email me then my email is

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