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@ZIGGY , Apologies, for removing the link but it doesn't work for everyone. Admittedly, one would have expected such a web page to be public, but clearly it isn't.

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@OurSoul , taking screen grabs of someone else's website and publishing them without their consent is highly likely a breach of their copyright, unless you could argue fair usage. It would be no different to photocopying a train timetable and publishing that, which was established previously to be a breach of copyright. @roberta is correct in what she says about the issue.

5 Aug 2015

@Mcjrpc , I've had to remove your photos of the carnival's website since they may infringe copyright.

26 Jun 2015

@roberta , i thought this forum had become a better place having kicked off the genuine trolls. I have not seen you or anyone else trolling since, just debating and disagreeing which is what the forum is for.

@HuwMatthews2 , you should see it now. The video not appearing problem arises when embedded videos with http links are viewed under https.

@SoulofDawlish , Doc can't post unless I reinstate his account or he signs up again because I closed his account at his request. @Brenda , I'm not claiming to be a perfect moderator, which is why I only close accounts as a last resort or if someone asks me to. The rules are in the terms. Calling someone an idiot falls under "flaming other members...".

6 May 2015

@A Frame , I'm sorry you think it's bollocks. Understanding the difference is crucial for healthy debate. Not understanding the difference is why some members cannot have a healthy, heated debate without resorting to name-calling and insults.

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