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@Lynne , I don't know. The no name-calling policy was meant for direct name-calling, like 'you moron' or 'you idiot'. The terms Remoaner and Brexshitter are not nice terms, but seem to have been adopted by the mainstream. Remember, freedom of speech, or the protection of free speech, is the freedom to offend, because you don't need to protect people from being nice to each other. But the ...

A great source of inspiration and entertainment. R.I.P @elvis presley .

1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
25 Dec 2018

and a Happy New Year to all.

Brexit - Part 1
24 Dec 2018

Thread continues here -

Brexit - Part 2
24 Dec 2018

Part 1 here -

@Margaret Swift , you're welcome.

4 Dec 2018

@Margaret Swift , I've just done an update, so if you try signing in now it should remember you. This goes for everyone too, so you shouldn't have to keep signing in, but you will need to sign in one more time to update your browser cookie.

4 Dec 2018

@Margaret Swift , I think I know what is causing it, so I will update the site and let you know when it is done.

4 Dec 2018

@Margaret Swift , your browser has a lot more say in this area than a website does. When you say you have to sign in, do you mean you have to enter your email and password? Usually, your browser remembers these and all you have to do is click the submit button. Also, this site uses cookies to remember you between sessions so check your browser cookie settings.

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