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Scapegoat's Posts

Like Lynne I can't be arsed to argue with you anymore. History will condemn you but I guess you don't give a shit.

6 Mar 2019

They promised us unicorns. They gave us a lame donkey with an ice cream cone on its head. Brexit was never a good idea but don't let that stop the diminishing "majority" stop this Countries self harm

When will the childish namecalling stop? Calling people that oppose you Remoaners is not clever or funny but very childish and acts against anything you want to say because only your own echo chamber will bother to read past that. So how about stopping with the name calling?

May's Brexit Betrayal
24 Feb 2019

Oh, great argument and great usage of an ad-hominem attack. Thanks so much for proving my point, you must be so proud

24 Feb 2019

Hmm, still just denial and wishful thinking... rainbows and Unicorns but still my question hasn't been answered

22 Feb 2019

Deflect, yep expected that as well but still no answer to my question. Try again? or you could go for ad hominem attacks instead?

21 Feb 2019

lololollolololollol Surely you can do better than that little soundbite, it means nothing. I truly hoped for something more coherent than that

20 Feb 2019

Sigh...ok. Would one of you Brexiters (notice I'm not using childish name calling like Remoaners, please accept my apology for previous posts triggering me enough to respond with Brexshitters) please explain to me what you expect to gain from leaving the EU?  Why do you feel it's going to make the UK better?

17 Feb 2019

Leatash,seriously? The large percentage of Brexshitters are elitists that have made sure that brexshit increases their wealth. Do you really think it's a coincedence that when the EU start cracking down on Tax avoidence schemes all the richest back brexshit. But you proved me right, all you leavers do is bury your heads in the sand and shout "Fake News" Hmm, that reminds me of an orange, small ...

13 Feb 2019

I can't believe you asked that considering all the posts made by Lynne on this site alone nevermind the rest of the internet lol Oh yeah, it's all project real.... I mean fear isn't it