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Scapegoat's Posts

BoJo The Clown? Really? He was the worst London Mayor ever and the only Job he held on the front bench ensured an innocent woman stayed in prison and embarrased the UK on several occasions. Personally I think Larry the cat would do a better job

24 May 2019

Just curious?

23 May 2019

If you don't like the Webmasters decisions then leave. It's his/ hers house and they set the rules.

Traffic lights in Dawlish!!

Also, it's not just about global warming :( Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction'

6 May 2019

Why on earth would anyone prefer to use polluting and limited fossil fuels when investment in renewables is leading to much better sustainable energy regardless of global warming?

lol thank the gods you don't represent the majority of  people in Dawlish. The -ism meter has exploded thanks to the few idiotic posters on this forum lololololol

16 Apr 2019

You obviously don't know them then. You are defining them through your biased eyes

15 Apr 2019

Burnside, I really don't think Gammon is racist but I would be happy stop using that term if the webmaster thought it was racist. I'm sure I can find many other words to describe the idiocy and blatant Xenophobism of some Brexiters

10 Apr 2019

Gammons like Paul and Burnside just don't care about the lies told by Brixiters and the reality of the benifits of co-operation. It's like talking to flat-earthers! Might as well find a nice thick wall and continously bang your head against it