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Scapegoat's Posts

It’s perfectly possible to criticise face veils without being racist. Instead of doing that, Boris Johnson decided to say the women wearing them look like “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”. People thought this was racist because: It was said by a man with a history of making racist comments. It was said at a time when Muslim women are being harassed and assaulted in the streets. It ...

9 Aug 2018

Oh and would anyone care to tell me what you think is the percentage of Muslims that are terrorists?

9 Aug 2018

Yep, just as I thought. What a lovely bigoted thread, well done. Makes Dawlish look like such a welcoming place.

OMG Noooooooo, we can't have change!!!!

8 Aug 2018

I wish she could ban all the little England, bigotted berks. Unfortunately we have to put up with these horrible little minded people :(

7 Aug 2018

And your point is?

I ask again, have you read the manifesto and what is far-left communism about it.? The anti-semite row is bullshit. far more Jewish groups back Corbyn than oppose him. But the media only interview Jewish people that are against him and never Jewish People that support him.  I don't expect you to watch this informative video about the IHRA document but I'll post the Youtube link ...

30 Jul 2018

Care to back that comment up with some facts Burnside because you sound like a Daily Mail headline. Have you actually read the Labour Party manifesto?

27 Jul 2018

We are so fucked, can't believe the gammons are still so blind to that fact. They would rather jump off a cliff like lemmings than do whats best for the children and grandchildren. Selfish biggoted twunts springs to mind?

27 Jul 2018

lololol I hold my head in shame DM. I shall stick to bacon from now on