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I ask again, have you read the manifesto and what is far-left communism about it.? The anti-semite row is bullshit. far more Jewish groups back Corbyn than oppose him. But the media only interview Jewish people that are against him and never Jewish People that support him.  I don't expect you to watch this informative video about the IHRA document but I'll post the Youtube link ...

30 Jul 2018

Care to back that comment up with some facts Burnside because you sound like a Daily Mail headline. Have you actually read the Labour Party manifesto?

27 Jul 2018

We are so fucked, can't believe the gammons are still so blind to that fact. They would rather jump off a cliff like lemmings than do whats best for the children and grandchildren. Selfish biggoted twunts springs to mind?

27 Jul 2018

lololol I hold my head in shame DM. I shall stick to bacon from now on

27 Jul 2018

I'll just eat gammon, there seems to be plenty of it in Dawlish

That just makes it more corrupt and more illegitimate, two (or more) wrongs don't make a right

Not sure anyone should accept the result of the referendum when the leave side blatantly broke the rules, DM. I think you are being far to forgiving.

I find it gobsmacking that you hard brexit/ no deal extremists are happy to sell the country down the river for your rose coloured ideology. You seem happy to go back to the 1970s when  we faced food shortages and bombings from an Ireland at war. Brexiters never have any answers and base all their arguments on soundbites. Un-fecking-believable. Please change my mind and give me some facts ...

22 Jul 2018

The worst thing about a racist is a racist that wont admit to being a racist. Ring any bells? lololololololololol   #'youknowwhoyouare

22 Jul 2018

emememememememememememmemememememememmee Sorry just wanted to appeal to the extreme brexiters!!!

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