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Gloria's Posts

Oh please this thread is so predictable. Stand by ZiggyDeedoodle with pics of Carnival. (Saw you there with your camera) Lovely pics, lovely Carnival.

Lot's going on today
14 Aug 2017

Lovley Pic's ZIGGY DEEDOODLE you were up early well done you.

Illegal Parking
5 Jun 2017

Glad someone else can see my point!

3 Jun 2017

@ ZIGGY ... When I spoke to Micheal he knew nothing about his picture and name being on Some people are more vunerable than others to to your vigilante photography. How would you like to be named and photographed standing next to your set of shiney new wheels and put on the world wide web?

31 May 2017

@ZIGGY did you ask Michaels permission to put his photograph with name all over the world wide web... just saying.