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And another liar by one that represents the people. How many more will we get before people get the message.

1 May 2019

Well done to the citizens of Peterborough--- Power to the people. And to readers of this site, don't forget to vote for your selected crooks tomorrow.

I haven't got a dog!

@TalkingShed, Simple, Ross Morton is still doing time, he was on the crime agencies radar, linking him with what is happening now. To round up all those that are charged with these crimes has taken the best part of three years, it was a massive operation as are all operations with crimes of this nature.

Calamari! I am so glad that you think I am superior to everyone  else, I never been so delighted with such an acolade. Thanks. But I can asure you I am not superior, I leave that title to the pedofiles that reside in high places, Catholic church for instance, they appear to harbour plenty.

And forget about the damage it is doing-yeah okay!!!!!

20 Apr 2019

I have looked around my home and I am astonished at the ammount of plastic there is but I am not taking such a negative attitude as burneside. There will always be plenty around that takes such negative attitudes, and wait for others to do something about it. I wish I could go on some of those demonstrations, but my health will no longer allow it and who knows, my health might end it all before I ...

19 Apr 2019

If they are made of plastic  ------YES!!!! The only bucket I had in my younger days were metal buckets. All plastic items should be banned and the sooner the better.

19 Apr 2019

@burnside over 90% over the plastic in the world's oceans originates from just 10 rivers in Africa. How do they know that, where did those that came up with that percentage and know what rivers it came from? It could be true but that does not detract from the fact we have many eminent people (minus David Attenborough) who will tell you that this country produces vast volumnes of plastic ...

19 Apr 2019

Someone has picked up a typo error NATURALIST and not NATURIST, how sad when just the mention of David Attenborough should have told readers it was a typo error. Perhaps I should have mentioned Darwin and many others.