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@Lisa , took the words right out of my mouth.

I am wondering, that because it is not used very much, it maybe because it is a service that is not well known, although when I have been on the 2B it can get quite full by the time it gets to Exminster. I am too old to be bothered to work out the time difference between the 2B and the regular 2 bus journey time between Dawlish and Exeter and maybe it needs more advertising, it is quite an ...

Sea wall
6 Jul 2019

Anyone else heard anything about the new sea wall? I was told by two workers that are working on the project, that the new wall will now be 1.5 mtr higher that planned and it will be a little further out than planned. Something to do with global warming with rising sea levels. So could it be that Network rail are preparing for the unknown?

It is just like the millions of motorists on our roads, they are far too impatient sometimes for their own good, only difference appears to be 10 mins is to long for Londoners, but seconds are too long to wait for motorists. Just ook at some of the comments on previous threads, what some have to say about waiting behind a cyclist.

@vicks , so we are being pedantic now are we.

3 Jul 2019

@vicks read the last sentence of the thread above, I did conveniently mention grabbing her around the neck---didn't I?

1 Jul 2019

Jeremy Hunt not refering to what happened in this case, but said, "No violence is acceptable"' when refering to the happenings in Hong Kong. Peaceful demo's are ok. So to my mind however difficult it is to restrain yourself, Feild is guilty on all counts, it was a peaceful demo by the lady he grabbed around the neck.

28 Jun 2019

Some people on this site seem to think it is all right to take the law into their own hands, let them try it and then see what the law thinks. Anyone can challenge the law, but you must not break the law and you must not encourage others to do it either.

High Court Case
24 Jun 2019

There is a challenge going on in the High Court claiming that legally we have already left the EU, With a no deal. Maybe that is why BoJo is not having to much to say about leaving with ano deal, because he knows or hi backers know, we have already left. Lets hope our learnedfriends get their judgement right. The person bringing the challenge and has the backing of several High Court judges, is ...

@vicks , I do not need a history lesson, all I am saying is that people on this site are making assumptions. It is not a foregone collusion that BoJo (that will please some on this site to call him BoJo) will even fill the top slot although things are looking that way at the moment. Don't you remember when Gove stabbed BoJo in the back when the top slot was up for grabs? T his article was ...