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majorp's Posts

Cracked it! It appears that the council are too tight to pay decent wages and pay for the food, so I am told, they have allowed the warden to breed fancy ducks and sell them on to buy food and suppliment his wages.I have no idea why the swans which everyone comes to see have deminished,they cost nothing to feed.

It is because of this that care homes are closing, (nothing else) Staff shortages are rife. If you cannot get the staff to run these homes, they don't run on their own. I always remember the signs you sometimes see on the roads (TIREDNESS CAN KILL). How can carers work the long hours without a break?

Water fowl
9 Aug 2019

Any more suggestions as to what might be happening to the ducks/swans. @leatash .Have you ever seen receipts of what has been sold or the address that they went too? @Duckileaks . Who owns the gaggle of geese that are free to roam, they never get killed by someones dog? They are not technically wild fowl.  Why is it always the swans that fall foul to dogs/foxes as has been suggested.

4 Aug 2019

I have also noticed two gates which are now open either end of the path by the fountain. Those gates can only be closed via a traffic order. It is a public right of way

3 Aug 2019

@DEEDOODLE I'll leave that to you, I do not know the people who run the wildfowl setup

3 Aug 2019

I have noticed that there are many ducks of different kinds being bred in the avairy, yet i do not see many of those ducks in the actual avairy or put out on the stream, where are they going? We used to have at least 14 swans now we are down to six. I have seen no Mandarins for ages and they are quite  atractive little birds. Is the fowl being manage as it should be for the benefit of all?

Do people honestly believe that a seagull could snatch a dog from a garden. The only people so far is the media and the is because they sell news papers and they  will do anything to attract some peoples attention. Would make good APRIL FOOLS prank..

26 Jul 2019

The lies just to cover things up. This is the real true story. The dog was a bit of a yapper, so the husband sold the dog because they could not stop it yapping. Then he told everybody that a seagull had taken it from the garden. I always did think the first version was a bit of a tall story. So here was another story that had no truth in it.

24 Jul 2019

They are all psychic. They will tell you things you never even thought about. The chicken sare coming home to roost. Boris has already started going down that road.

We all know how MP's talk. They are not calling for another referendum, they are calling for a peoples vote . The last referendum we voted to get out of the EU. What would happen if the Peoples vote voted the same way? Would they then call for something else?