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Did anyone see the mutton dressed up as lamb on news 24 this morning?

9 Apr 2019

@Paul We must leave properly asap. Agreed, but by the EU having control over the hard border is a no, no. The only way that I see, out of this problem, is for Ireland to come out aswell. And who knows what the Irish PM has been saying to others in the EU?

9 Apr 2019

Lets get out and deal with whatever comes along afterwards. All of those politicians who are argueing over what the deal that has presented, should be thinking the same. Those that are argueing on what is in the deal should remember that there was a majority to leave. All this bollocks about having another referendum, we should stay in the union, we should leave on anything other than what they ...

9 Apr 2019

@Paul Our MP has consistently defended democracy by supporting the leave result, for that we should aplaude her. Well I have heard her quite alot recently and she does not give me that impression. Why doesn't she vote to leave on the deal that T May has given parliament instead of rabbiting on about what is wrong with the deal.

They should show no mercy on those scumbags. They ruin so many other peoples lives.

Will Anne Marie -Morris be one of those that will not see the inside of Westminster again. I hope so, but I don't have a say in it.

Less than a week to go until next week’s emergency EU Council summit - when Theresa May must, must, must present a new Brexit plan if she wants to avoid no-deal - and we still appear no closer to knowing what on Earth is going to happen. Government and Labour negotiators will take part in a day of “intensive” talks later as they try to agree a joint-position which can then be presented to MPs ...

Post Democracy
4 Apr 2019

Remember Paul, we now live in a nanny state and you have to be very careful in what you say and do. Some don't like what you say or do, others say they don't like what you say or do but, underneath the surface agree. It's a funny old world now. Just look at the problems we have with people who want to be something they are not, those people to me have mental health problems but others see it ...

If the tories are dead, who would you vote for at another general election? There does not appear to be alot of choice. If people would really think about it, the deal that T May has placed on the table is the best she could get. It was never going to be a one-sided affair, the choices she had  to make doesn't fit all and it never would. It has never been done before.

2 Apr 2019

This has now turned out to be a political game as if it wasn't recognised before. The party that is causing the most turmoil over brexit are the tories. There are too many who have other vested  interests and they will do there utmost to protect it.