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Brexit - Part 1
4 Dec 2018

When people come here and are prepared to spend vast sums just to stay (one hotel in London commands £20,000 per night) then that is mega bucks and the tax that is paid on such sums is mega and the money they spend is mega and the tax paid on those that spend vast sums is mega. If brexit means loosing inter -planatary agreememts, then so be it. We can do it our selves. Look at the inventions ...

1 Dec 2018

@Lynne . There is plenty of money and think of the jobs it will create.

30 Nov 2018

I am an optimist. Nobody knows what will happen. As far as I can see, everything is guesswork.Would it be better to stay in----I don't know. Is the deal on the table the best deal we could get-----I don't know. If the deal is rejected, what will happen?------I don't know. What I do know is that the world is round, the sky will not fall in if any path that is taken.

@Margaret Swift . The tree hasn't been killed as you will see next year when growth starts again. @leatash . Google pollarding

28 Nov 2018

I think DEEDOODLE has mixed up butchered with pollarding, the two are quite different.

Brexit - Part 1
25 Nov 2018

@burnside   You are not listening to the news then.

25 Nov 2018

Today is a sad day. we don't like the thought of Britain leaving. Of course they don't, they will not be getting our money as we are one of the biggest contributors.

25 Nov 2018

This is the deal and all 27 other EU members have endorsed it. There is no other deal.

Its all free.
23 Nov 2018

And the entrance door is a good escape. A big issue seller stands outside waiting for a shoplifter to make a collection, when the shoplifter is ready to come out, big issue seller steps forward to activate the door to let him out, job done.

22 Nov 2018

You only have those in charge of the lay-out of goods in the Coop to blame. I witnessed only tonight in Betfred, where a shoplifter was plying his ill gotten gains and there were takers. He (the shoplifter) will then do the rounds in the local pubs, they know how to get rid of it.

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