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3 Nov 2018

Environmental charity ClientEarth received nearly £1m worth of funding from the Department for International Development last year, and the hike to £232,000 now makes chief executive James Thornton one of the highest paid bosses in the voluntary sector. His salary is greater than that of the heads of RSPCA, Macmillan Cancer Support and the NSPCC, prompting fury from Former International ...

I don't think there is any money left from the Sainsbury contribution, after all £200,000 wasn't very much given what took place in the Strand and how long it took to complete. But like all things in this town, we will wait and C.How many years ago was the Strand underdevelopment? And would they keep the money that long waiting for another project. Perhaps a S106 enquiry with TDC will give ...

Philip Green
2 Nov 2018

Dangling a carrot is rife in society. Just going down to a lowly parking ticket, when you get one, they dangle a carrot.

1 Nov 2018

What was your company up too? If you had to sign an agreement that you wouldn't bad mouth or seek further action. My personal opinion is "they had something to hide". Was part of the shut your mouth "we will pay you more than statutory".

Laptop .
31 Oct 2018

If yu can afford it! Cheaper to buy a new one.

Philip Green
28 Oct 2018

He is now saying it was only"banter". If that was all it was, why did he seek and was granted a gagging order.

28 Oct 2018

In a statement to a broadcaster, Philip green had this to say "As many people have said, Lord Hain's blatant disregard of a judgement made by three senior judges is outrageous." Lets anylize that statement. First---how many is many? Second----who were those three senior judges? and Three---- why would any judge want to stop (before it has started) an investigation into aledged misdemeanors. ...

26 Oct 2018

Should people like the subject matter, because of their wealth, be allowed to stop the media from reporting on aledged crimes they may have committed? Or should we all be allowed to do it? In my opinion they should not.

Bandstand and other
17 Oct 2018

That is why Scapegoat I asked the question in the first place. People can take prescibed drugs but that does not make them a druggie. People can become intoxicated, but that does not make them alchoholics. And the same for the homeless. sleeping rough for a few nights and hanging your coat on a conveniently placed nail on the wall does not make one homeless. Take a trip to St Petrocks, Exeter, ...

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