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@Brooklyn Bridge Mobility scooters although necessary for a lot of people but riding them actually on the road is a no-no of which I have seen on a number of occasions. Well mobilty scooters have to cross any road to get to the otherside, there are places where there are no foot path, and there are plenty of times where vehicles park on the pavement and do not leave enough room to pass for ...

13 May 2019

I can't believe what he told me. I saw him riding a bike, so I stopped him and asked why he was now reduced to a bike instead of the car. Well I can get around much easier on this bike such as if he is in pursuit of someone, he can ride up through the lawn instead of driving up the Brunswick and back down the Strand. He told me it was an electric bike and was supplied by the rotary of Dawlish. ...

I am thinking for myself and I don't take the same view as Paul. When I was a youngster, in the summertime the skies would be full of swift's, swallows, house martin's, not any more. When was the last time you heard a cukoo? When was the last time you saw a glow-worm? I don't see slow worm's crawling around as much as I used too. Since the proliferation of the vehicle there must have been billions ...

Results for Dawlish North East:- Turn out 35.27%, ballot papers issued 2374. Three Lib Dems elected. Dawlish S.W. Clemens out, Prowse out. Two Lib Dems elected. Turn out 36.86%, 1763 ballot papers issued. Just over a third of the electorate voted the L D's in, and that is how democracy works, theywill be clling the shots for the nextfour years. Good init!

3 May 2019

I have never voted in any general election. I can sit back and say "I told you so". But there will always be arguements by whatever others do. One interest thing I have noticed this time around. Many people are complaining about the drinking outside of seabreeze, where all ages can be seen taking part. How did that come about? Well the owner of seabreeze lives quite near the chairman of the ...

2 May 2019

Interesting to know what the turn- out was for Dawlish, Teignbridge. That will tell me a story.

Payback day
2 May 2019

You will all be better off if you vote for a donkey. You will get your ass kicked if you vote for anyone else.

And another liar by one that represents the people. How many more will we get before people get the message.

1 May 2019

Well done to the citizens of Peterborough--- Power to the people. And to readers of this site, don't forget to vote for your selected crooks tomorrow.

I haven't got a dog!

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