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Brent oil
20 Dec 2018

With the price of brent crude oil droppong like a stone, I guess we  will see a huge drop in pump prices in the new year. At the moment the super markets are dithering, but how long  will they be able to dither?

I look at it this way. Those businesses who want immigration to continue at the level it is now, are really saying, "we can't get enough of our own to subdise our business". Same as "benefits", were would some businesses end up if benefits were to stop? People spend their benefits more often than not in the local community.

19 Dec 2018

Haulage companies are claimig they are 55,000 to 60,000 drivers short and with the drivers they now have ageing, things are set to get worse. I am told that some are commanding £40,000 . So there is plenty of work out there if you want it.

19 Dec 2018

It is not that simple for any large company who employ top of the range skilled labour to move. Where ever they might go, will the skills be there to carry on as normal?

18 Dec 2018

@wondering can't disagree with that.

18 Dec 2018

How many car making factories closed before brexit? But it is funny that we make most of the  formula one cars in this country----they can't get the skills anywhere else Roll on brexit.

18 Dec 2018 In case you forgot and more will follow not because of brexit. A few jobs disappeared with those closures.

18 Dec 2018

A deal or no deal, lets get out, the sky is the limit. @Lynne . I stock pile food, but it is not because of bexit. If I see a bargain I grab it.

So lies continue to abound everywhere. Why bother to vote for anyone when all they do is tell lies in order to get your vote?

How many people have been killed in the countries that he was in control of or  not in control of in the Middle East? Syria, Afgan, Iraq and the like. America will not release the figures, and that is not twadle.

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