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You don't need scientific evidence (although it does help), Just look around. It is now the end of May, How many swift's, swallow's, sandmartin's, housemartin's, cuckoo's have you seen this year? As I have said, their food has been destroyed and is still being destroyed by pesticides

Nigel Farage
23 May 2019

He  is the only politician that I know that can command the attention of his audiience and talks sense. When ever he stands to make a speech in the EU Parliament, there is usually stunned silince and quite often others there agree with him, not like our Parliamentt who seem to have imploded on themselves.

22 May 2019

@webmaster what would not be legal in th UK and many other countries? All I have said is what they do and they agree to it' There must be something that you deem offensive, what is it? Perhaps one of the emailers to you could answer, then we will all know where we are going.

22 May 2019

Webmaster your mail box maybe filling up with complaints but what part of the topic are they complaning about, let them complain to me and then and then maybe I will get a better understandiing of what to say and whot not to say? There is nothing in the topic that I can see to complain about. Isn't it what muslim's do? or have I been mislead all my life.

22 May 2019

As I have no idea what the terms are of this site, perhaps you can let me know what they are. My topic is not offensive, it is fact.

22 May 2019

I see that the webmaster is opposed to free speech. Not for the first time have topics been removed without any explanation-why?

Maybe @Scapegoat \ he has made a twisted comment. Is he saying that we need more traffic lights in Dawlish? maybe the junction at Exeter Road/ Emgrove road, Sandy Lane/ Exeter Road and all junctions along Exeter Road.

21 May 2019

There are only four sets to my knowledge. U weren't thinking of Exeter when you wrote that were u

Never seen so many
20 May 2019

I have just come from the viaduct and I have never seen so many seagulls in one place. There must be a very big shoal of sprats. If there are millions of sprats, there must be 10's of thousands of seagulls, it is a huge raft. The seagulls won't need feeding tomorrow.

Not just because the UK finished last, but I have never seen so much rubbish in my life. Talk about talking something up ,well this must be rated as the most talked up entertainment show ever. Why I watched it, I shall never know.

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