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General Discussion

For Sale
16 Feb 2019

Tme they altered the discription of who is close by. No lloyds bank, unless I had a dream.

14 Feb 2019

Wish you well Lynne. They say time is a great healer, but at our age there is not much time left. I myself was rushed to hospital last Friday, burst ulcer, which I didn't know I had, scary few days.

12 Feb 2019

Is she well?

With motorways having three lanes, the so called fast lane (the lane nearest the central barrier), sometimes grinds to a halt and all the traffic in the secret lane and middle lane is still moving   ----undertaking. What you are saying is, that they should stopp aswell. Is that correct?

5 Feb 2019

And that secret lane encourages drivers to undertake, although would it be classed as an undertaking manouvre on a motor way?

Brexit - Part 2
27 Jan 2019

And the scaremongering goes on and on and on.

24 Jan 2019

And if you go on a course which thousands do so they do not have to continually visit the job centre, you are classed as employed but the course could mean working in a charity shop where they get no wages.

24 Jan 2019

They can work more than 16hrs a week but they choose not to for whatever reason.

22 Jan 2019

And, there are too many people workking on zero contract hours and too many working only 16hrs a week so in effect we have two and a bit people working a full week.

22 Jan 2019

32.54m people are in work the highest figure since records began. Yet more people need benefits just to survive and more than ever are visisting food banks. There MUST be something wrong.

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