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I do not have figures before me, but it is a fact that the richest among us still pay considerably the most into the Chancellor's coffers. Taxing them substantially higher will drive them elsewhere, or to seek loopholes, as it did in the sixties and early seventies (known then as The Brain Drain, though many high tax paying rock stars also b*ggered off). Please, please do not forget the lessons ...

City of London...perhaps, but you will find it difficult to spot a copper walking the beat in the Greater London Area. Most of the public areas are covered by CCTV though, both public and private.

That is absoluely disgraceful. It is almost slave labour, contravening the Human Rights Act. Is there any way that these employees can refuse to sign this contract? It might mean no job, but if they all did it, then the employers might have to change. These homes charge a fortune for residents, and I suspect that very little of this money goes to the carers, who are the most important people in ...

High Court Case
23 Jul 2019

The Lib Dems believe that they are on a roll because of their success in council elections, so much so locally that they witheld money for the Teignmouth Air Show because of misguided high faluting principles (on a local level). I believe their success was down to disaffected voters for the two main parties due to flaffing about on Brexit. If/when it comes to a General Election, I would not be ...

23 Jul 2019

Classic tactics from "elite" Westminster and EU bubble on EU Referendum, who promised to deliver on the democratic and binding result. They mean that if you don't vote our way (probably because you plebs are too stupid to know the details and therefore don't  agree with us) then we will have another (Peoples) vote, (wasn't the vote on 23/6/16 a Peoples' vote?!). If another vote went the same way, ...

How about Godzilla?

@Lynne I totally agree with you. As a London resident I gave up my 60 plus oyster card, which gave me free travel on buses and tube as you describe, for the Devon and Cornwall Railcard, which is not free but gives a discount. I was happy to do this for my better quality of life, however some people, as you describe, really do not appreciate when they are better off!!

@majorp Err....I do not believe WE are, dear chap. When one makes allegations of a criminal offence of assault such as you have made, finer details are very important don't you know. Seriously I thought that you should have known that, but again you surprise me.

3 Jul 2019

@majorp the BACK of the neck.

2 Jul 2019

@S please see the last sentence of my post on 21/06/2019 at 2156 on this thread. Just because people around you fail to act does not necessarily make your actions unreasonable...I am talking from a lot of experience. @majorp please see again the post referred to above, as well as my other one (again!) on 22/06/2019 at 1201 which I believe make a good case for defending his actions. I would ...

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