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Calamari's Posts

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Shamima Begum
19 Feb 2019

She is to lose her UK citizenship. Couldn't happen to a 'nicer' person. Hope she rots in the hell she supports.

I take it it's a secret as to which bar it was as it hasn't been mentioned.

LOL. What an excellent way to put it. If only every motorist in this country would read it though.

"One of the most famous old steam locomotives is heading to Devon this spring" The thing is it's not that old as it only made it's maiden run in 2008. Still, it will be nice to see it.

More holiday home for the extra rich to buy. Anyway, you lot voted for them so why complain?

If you are walking on the sea wall, then yes, it is noisy when a train passes, but that is only for a few seconds. As for being on the beach, it is a 'noise' that you get used to and it doesnt bother you after a while. Also, it draws many people in when the steam trains go through in the season.

15 Jan 2019

Hi there. For travel to Exeter and back, the best bet is the train, and despite the troubles, they generally do run on time. Having lived here for 30 years, yes, there has been a decline but there are still things to do as you have mentioned. Some people just look at doom and gloom. All the best in what you do.

And how many unemployed are there in this county and country?

I just cannot understand why they are called Hoverboards, when they don't hover. They are on wheels. Whatever happened to the 'Trades Description Act'?