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Hi mate. If all you can get are baby ones, then to help the eco system, I would leave them alone so that they can grow and increase. I understand what Elvis is saying but I have purchased Muscels from Lidl a few times, with different sauces, and found them most delightful. I apologise that I couldn't be of more help to you.

Great one Elvis.

the snooky fest
30 Aug 2018

@ Mobeen Dabigman Agreed. It wouldn't have hurt to have put an announcement in the local paper thanking everybody for their support with the amount raised as well.

@Lynne I was waiting for a bus at 12:45 and saw it being loaded onto a carnival vehicle, so he could be in the parade.

Let's hope that there are no gorillas placed near it.

On the BBC website. Link Clickable.

Water Pressure
18 Jul 2018

Hi All. Anyone else noticed the  drastic drop in the water pressure? Next stop, Hose Pipe Ban?

I used to read the Victor when I was a kid. Happy days indeed.

Goodbye All
19 May 2018

I have had enough of the nasty venemous opinions of majorp and others and given them a blast in this post of mine. I will get reported and kicked off this site. Bye all.

The Stars & Stripes
14 May 2018

I see that the Israrli troops backed by the good old Stars & Stripes slaughtered another 9 Palestenians today.

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