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Is it a Prison? Looks like one.

31 Oct 2018

Taken today, 31/10/18. They are only a couple of days old at the most. I hope they survive especially as one from the brood earlier this year keeps pecking at them. Jealousy maybe?

Laptop .
31 Oct 2018

@UPWITHIT Can you message me with regards to the laptop? Thank you.

Changed a bit since T E Lawrence rode (and fatally crashed) one.

Nigel Farage. Is anybody interested in this hasbeen? He's done his job so why is he hanging around? Probably wanting the attendence fee to counterbalance the increase in inflation.

Nice pics. Must have been a joy to watch. Kestrels?

Obviously not a lot of grocks around or they would have been divebombing them for their chips etc.

Hi mate. If all you can get are baby ones, then to help the eco system, I would leave them alone so that they can grow and increase. I understand what Elvis is saying but I have purchased Muscels from Lidl a few times, with different sauces, and found them most delightful. I apologise that I couldn't be of more help to you.

Great one Elvis.

the snooky fest
30 Aug 2018

@ Mobeen Dabigman Agreed. It wouldn't have hurt to have put an announcement in the local paper thanking everybody for their support with the amount raised as well.

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