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supposedly the police found him yesterday.

5 Sep 2020

It seems that the police no longer uphold the law, but side on the side of the law breakers. You report a crime and no one attends, you are told they will follow up and nothing happens and then a  couple of weeks later you get a call or text to say they have closed the ref with no further action. Bonus for the police is a lower than actual crime rate due to police misconduct in office my ...

That's what happens when there are no penalties for finishing after the agreed contractual date. As, in my opinion, Dawlish, Teignbridge and Devon County council don't give a stuff how long it takes and the damage to what little is left of Dawlish's wellbeing. It's sad to see how run down Dawlish has become over the last 15 years or so through the wanton ineptitude of the councils from local to ...

Adolf tried to change history and look what happened to him and his chums.

@HuwMatthews2 ... Yes I have. Due to the fact that when I wrote that in April there was, from the info available, a credidable threat from covid. Now in August, with a lot more info available and proof from extremely large sustained public protests that this is no longer the case. Considering one of the most vulnerable groups was involved in these mass events here and around the world. Has ...

There will be a reckoning if this madness continues, in my opinion.

Blah, blah, blah.....docking sheeple....god save us all. Led by the nose into servitude.

28 Aug 2020

Read the articles.......roughly translated...lets stuff all covid patients that need hospitalisation from the rest of the u.k. to Exeter. Additionally those patients that have major issues breathing need high altitude sickness treatment not mechanical ventilation which has a death rate of up to 80% when placed on one of these machines. ...

Who cares....NOT ME. Me and MINE is all that counts in this depraved day and age. This once proud country built on the bodies of millions of proud men and woman who gave their lives for freedom from tyranny and freedom of speech. God this b******t really F&^%$ me off to the marrow. And I know where I would place my knee and it wouldn't be on the ground.

But I doubt the fines will have anything todo with ACTUALLY shutting down the raves. Just a way of making a bit of extra cash(taxes) i expect.