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The government of the UK has been the downfall of this once mighty and proud nation of native people. The ease with which they allow anarchy to thrive and do nothing, but rally to the extreme when it is something that is in their own selfish interests. Immigration Hs2 Crime and disorder Education The continual erosion of local services. One thing you will always be able to count ...

Using the ACE CARD, as I was told at Bramshill

Dawlish news is a bit late posting on the 7th when he was found on the 4th.

UNTIL WE HAVE A VACCINE.   Which strain of covid will they be using, currently there are more than 11 human covid and well over 20 animal strains doing the rounds that have been identified. The continued media bombardment of those that have been tested with a positive result, but sadly lacking the fact that the percentage error per 150k tested COULD be up to 3000 false positives. The media ...

@Brooklyn Bridge - appreciated.

7 Sep 2020

@Brooklyn Bridge .  Thanks for the is in connection with a situation of ongoing harrasment and intimidation that has gone on for over 10 years towards my family by a couple of rather nasty people in the local area. Call after call to the police including one 999 call and many ref logs and the situation merely continues to escalate against us and our property. Our health and well being ... Who would have though it!

The 101 call I was making yesterday actually took 1 hour and 12 minutes for me to come off hold and speak to a call handler. Just as well it is a non emergency no. And yes I am aware I could have contacted them on the internet before some troll bangs off.

5 Sep 2020

Currently been on 101 line for 29 mins waiting for someone to take my call...smooth operation. Although once I call 999 and was put in a queue for a couple of minutes. I wonder why the public have a negative view of the support the police give!