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Dawlish News

@Lynne ....may be so, but when it comes to a private business running one of Britains NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURES and being bailed out countless times it should not be the way its run. All national infrastructures need to be re nationalised.

24 Jul 2020

sorry just doesnt cut it. Dawlish has had to suffer enough from decades of ineffective maintenance of the sea wall. The wall has endured over a hundred years of the sea but was maintained. The only reason we are having all this work done is because of lack of proper maintenance and trains that cannot endure a bit of sea water. COMPENSATION IS OWED TO DAWLISH FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS OF WORK THAT ...

Cycling along the sea wall and fell off?

Interesting to know how many calls were physically attended by officers in an effective time scale. Not a lot I would have thought. There's more senior coppers lording it up at their H.Q;s than officers on patrol I would imagine.

looks more like an ISIL bride. Although i agree that there will be more deaths down here because of the influx from all over the u.k. Life has to get back to some normality and if there is no increase then good, but if there is the implications will be felt by us living here and the businesses not the locations the tourists came from. Between a rock and a hard place in my opinion.

Good work PD Arnie and handler. Nothing suprises me about Dawlish these days. A small percentage of the Dawlish community, many most probably known to the local police, make it miserable for the rest of us. About the same every where in this once proud and World leading country of hours. Now relegated to a door mat for the rest of the World's dross who wish to pick up a few quid and do ...

Grow in population, but sod all else.

Dawlish is a bit of a drunkards  protected habitat....especially the site of special interest for those looking to observe the drugged up and professional alcoholics on The Lawn. On ocassion you can observe the paramedics trying to extracate one from the public toilets. You would be surprised to realise that this habitat area is also designated a prohibited site for this particular species, ...

black lives matter
11 Jun 2020

Fahrenheit 451! Adolf Hitler! Syria! etc, etc

7 Jun 2020

@Carer ... racism works both ways, but in generral the law does not.

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