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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
08 Dec 2020 19:18

The “vast, vast, vast majority” of eligible people will only be vaccinated in spring 2021, but care home residents are a priority

Devon care home providers say they are unable to say when their residents will start being vaccinated, as they are yet to receive any official guidance.

Hoping to receive some news soon is Sefton Hall in Dawlish which is one of a 'small number' of Devon care homes selected to take part in a rapid results Covid-19 test trial for relatives to visit their loved ones indoors without a screen.


09 Dec 2020 12:31

Currently the U.S. is looking at  a tentative approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the spring/summer of 2021. The U.K. is the first to get a shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and allow the MHRA to rubber stamp it for mass public rollout under emergency authorisation use.

This is the first such approval by a goverment of a Western made vaccine.

The thing to understand that this has been approved under emergency rules. For a cutting edge experimental vaccine that instructs your body to create covid 19 spike proteins.

From what I have read the vaccine may only work on 40 to 50 percent who take it. There is an initial jab followed up by a 2nd jab 3 weeks later and it wont be effective until up to 6 weeks after the first jab.

Any female considering having the jab is advised not to take it 3 months either side of conception, but many other potential adverse side affects are currently unkown as the initial trial to public mass vacination has been very short in duration.

The vaccine supposedly does not stop you catching it nor stop you passing it on but possibly reduce the symptoms to some degree.

How long do you have this protection for? 3 months, 6 months no one seems to know.

It has been over a year since covid 19 started doing the rounds of our little isle. As far as I am concerned covid 19 is not as agressive as it inital was and with a quoted 99 percent plus who get infected not dying I do not feel inclined to take it at this moment in time considering I have not contracted it from any activities in this time frame.

As you get older your body/immune system becomes less effective and finds it harder to distinguish between an invader and your own body and as such you can be more open to auto immune disorders. One of the items dicussed about the MRNA vaccine is that it could, just maybe, cause such a response.

I will certainly be watching the coverage that the media places on the first few 90 year old people who have just been vaccinated with the 1st jab. Interesting times ahead over the next few weeks I think.

Interesting article below on ageing and auto immune systems.





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