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Dawlish News

It seems that the police no longer uphold the law, but side on the side of the law breakers. You report a crime and no one attends, you are told they will follow up and nothing happens and then a  couple of weeks later you get a call or text to say they have closed the ref with no further action. Bonus for the police is a lower than actual crime rate due to police misconduct in office my ...

But I doubt the fines will have anything todo with ACTUALLY shutting down the raves. Just a way of making a bit of extra cash(taxes) i expect.

A sad way to go..R.I.P

It always seems that the criminals always get treated better than the victims in the UK law system. Don't blur the pic out of that piece of scum and name and shame them. I don't expect its the first dog this filth has nicked, in my opinion.

It doesn't matter if local planning says NO. This project is backed by the government and if it goes all the way to appeal to the top for a decision to go forward. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be built. Slowly the people of the UK are realising their freedoms and rights are being severely eroded just like our coast line.

Its the first year i have not heard it at all, miss the deep hardcore techno base. i will have to fire up my own sound system this year..

@Lynne ....may be so, but when it comes to a private business running one of Britains NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURES and being bailed out countless times it should not be the way its run. All national infrastructures need to be re nationalised.

24 Jul 2020

sorry just doesnt cut it. Dawlish has had to suffer enough from decades of ineffective maintenance of the sea wall. The wall has endured over a hundred years of the sea but was maintained. The only reason we are having all this work done is because of lack of proper maintenance and trains that cannot endure a bit of sea water. COMPENSATION IS OWED TO DAWLISH FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS OF WORK THAT ...

Cycling along the sea wall and fell off?

Interesting to know how many calls were physically attended by officers in an effective time scale. Not a lot I would have thought. There's more senior coppers lording it up at their H.Q;s than officers on patrol I would imagine.

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