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Teignmouth and Dawlish Police

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
15 Jun 2021 18:22
They are back again…out of force door to door salesman. Unfortunately they are not so nice and seem to get a little upset if you say no so please be aware and stay safe. They might state that they are a young offender who have just got out of prison selling cleaning goods. They state they have to make so much per day to be signed off by probation another story is that they are in a hostel and they are on a scheme to try to earn money to be able to live (stories may vary) this is not true! This is a scam! They WANT you to feel sorry for them! They sell their products for way over the normal asking price for example: gardening gloves £10, long reach duster £15, bleach pen £7. They will target quite areas where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic and mainly elderly residents. Please if you do have an elderly relative or friend make them aware and ask them not to open the door. They are typically young males carrying a large black ruck sac filled with everyday products. They are selling goods illegally as they do not have the correct pedlars certificate. Please follow the below advice:
• Stay safe by keeping your door shut or chain on
• Please do not buy from these individuals-we don’t want to encourage them to come back!
• If they are unpleasant or threatening call us on 101 or 999 depending on the level of threat
If you would like a no cold callers sticker please message us with your name and address and we will get one to you.


16 Jun 2021 10:57

Banged on my door a couple of days ago. A little persistent although polite.


Weather permitting I always answer these people from my balcony that sits high and to the side of the front door. This tends to put them off their patter a little. I also have a good quality camera recording all video and sound from inside the porch. With another camera watching the road and garden outside the house for a good 60 yards eitherside of my driveway.

The most I will ever do is talk to them from inside the porch with the outer door locked.

My suggestion to most would be - do not interract at all or just answer from an upstairs window and say you are not interested whilst staying polite and courteous.

Call me paranoid if you like, but at the end of the day I have it all on high quality video if required.


16 Jun 2021 13:58

Another scam is the amount of money we pay for policing!

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